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WOD, 13.8.14


A. 4 Rounds of:
Frontsquats 7-10 Reps
45s Rest
KB Swings 15-20 Reps
45s Rest
Strict PullUps 5-8 Reps

B.3 Rounds of:

3min AMRAP, ascending Ladder, 3 min Rest in between Rounds
1 Thruster
1 Burpee
2 Thruster
2 Burpees ...



A: 5 Sets of:
Narrow Grip OHS with 3 sec Pause at the bottom
90s Rest
Strict Chest to Bar PullUps 6-8 Reps
90s Rest

B. 20min to establish 1RM BenchPress

C. 4 Sets for max Reps:

3min Rowing
2min Double Unders
1min MU´s

3min REST

WOD, 12.8.14

Team WOD in, teams of 2, for total reps:

"Hold It"

A. 4 alternating Rounds of:
2min Row
While one is Rowing, the other has to hold a BottomSquat Position with a 16/12kg Kettlebell.

2 min Transition Time

B. 4 alternating Rounds of:
2min SlamBalls
While one is working, the other hast to hold Handstand against the Wall.

2 min Transition Time

C. 4 alternating Rounds of:
2min AirSquats
While one is working, the other hast to hang on the PullUp Rig

WOD, 11.8.14


Filthy Fifty

50x Box Jumps

50x Jumping Pullups

50x Kettlebell Swings

50x Walking Lunges

50x Knees to Elbow

50x Push Press

50x Back Extensions

50x Wall Balls

50x Burpees

50x Double Unders

TimeCap 40 min



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